Fiona is the heart of CHoiCe Trust! She founded the organization in 1997 after working for Rural Foundation. Through her work with Rural Foundation, Fiona experienced first-hand the dire need for an organization like CHoiCe Trust so she built it from the ground up. Prior to Mrs. Macdonald being appointed Director of the Board, she worked with commitment and dedication as Director of CHoiCe Trust and earned multiple awards for her selfless work including Woman of the Year in 2005! 


Since the very beginning in 1997, Dr. Marincowitz has dedicated himself to CHoiCe Trust and the Board. He has devoted his medical career to treating men, women and children in rural communities who have limited access to health care- he’s changed the lives of so many. Dr. Marincowitz has also been instrumental in the development of our Health Worker Programme and he takes great pride in the work carried out by CHoiCe Trust’s Community Health Workers and Palliative Carers. How lucky CHoiCe Trust is to have him!


Susannah has served on the CHoiCe Trust Board since the very beginning in 1997. She has been instrumental in the development of CHoiCe Trust thanks to her past experience with the Rural Foundation and she continues to be an asset to our organization. Susannah is most proud of how CHoiCe Trust empowers its’ employees and the communities we help through our programmes. Ms. Cole-Hamilton is an asset t CHoiCe Trust and her continuous effort to drive our organisation forward has helped us grow in leaps and bounds!


Fred is a former employee of CHoiCe Trust and we are so thrilled to still have him as part of the CHoiCe Trust family while he serves as a Board member. He has dedicated his time and energy to the CHoiCe Trust Board for the past 4 years while simultaneously working at Van Velden Hospital. Mr. Motloutsi is most challenged by the changing trends and approaches to health issues, but working in the health industry he helps to ensure that CHoiCe Trust’s programmes accommodate these fluctuating trends without fail.


Mr. Vermeulen, who is the brains behind the Village Economic Development approach, joined the CHoiCe Trust Board upon invitation in 2012. For the past 7 years, Jan has reveled in the robust debates with fellow Board members and has enjoyed utilising creative problem solving to combat the challenges faced by our organization. Apart from his exceptional work for CHoiCe Trust, Jan has also given so much of his time to a number of other poverty alleviation projects and support initiatives. 


As an Insurance Broker, David first got involved with CHoiCe Trust through his involvement with the CHoiCe Trust Pension Fund. Since then, David has served on the Board since 2015 and during this time has experienced the joys that come with positively impacting those in need. As a man of finance, Mr. Beard finds that helping CHoiCe Trust optimize their performance, with the sometimes limited funding they have, a great challenge.