Trauma Release Exercise (TRE), created by Dr. David Berceli, PhD. (pictured below) is a therapy method designed to release stress and tension trapped within one’s muscles. Dr. Berceli has dedicated the past two decades of his career to trauma therapy and he is sharing his miraculous results with the world. Trauma Release Exercise or ‘shaking’ can be triggered through a series of stretches which activate a natural reflex mechanism of shaking resulting in the release of muscular stress and trauma and thus restores balance to one’s body. TRE works neurologically to restore the brain’s capacity which improves focus and concentration. TRE also aids biochemically by helping to restore one’s body to homeostasis (the state of equilibrium in one’s body). 

Dr. Berceli has lived and worked in countries which deal with excessive conflict such as Yemen, Israel/Palestine, Uganda, Sudan and Lebanon. As one can imagine, civilians living in a war zone with the constant fear of combat are in dire need of a therapy method to relieve stress and trauma. Dr. Berceli recognised this need and designed trauma release programs to cater for specific areas where stress and trauma are part of everyday life. He has conducted TRE workshops for a number of international organisations and even soldiers worldwide have adopted the practice of TRE.

Although CHoiCe Trust has not had the honor of attending one of Dr. Berceli’s workshops, we are in the capable hands of Dr. Erika Coertzen, general practitioner and an expert in integrative medicine. She feels TRE is a life-changing method of therapy and upon hearing the testimonials of other TRE participants it is easy to see why. Dr. Coertzen has been trained in TRE and has practiced this therapy for the past 10 years and thereafter in 2012 qualified to train others.  

Dr. Coertzen and a number of TRE trained volunteers- including CHoiCe Trust board member Susannah Cole-Hamilton, are currently conducting a TRE workshop over a 6 month period. This workshop includes 9 sessions with Dr. Coertzen and volunteers which each take approximately 5 hours. These sessions involve extensive feedback of individual TRE experiences, group TRE activities and TRE theory. This is the second year that the TRE Workshop is taking place and we foresee it continuing annually due to its’ success.

This year one of CHoiCe Trust’s Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Facilitators, Gayle, has been attending the TRE workshop. Thus far Gayle has raved about the positive effects of TRE. During the feedback session the most common health improvements mentioned by workshop members included better digestion; weight-loss; a decrease in joint and muscle pain; improved sleeping patterns and better control over their emotions. This feedback was given before the start of the fifth session. With members already reporting such miraculous results after just four months of training we can only imagine the improvements they will experience after 6 months of TRE. 

TRE is a smart choice of therapy as it allows one’s body to heal itself. A person starts at the root cause of their pain and/or discomfort and processes it in a healthy and safe manner instead of temporarily masking symptoms and never treating the cause. Although CHoiCe Trust supports the use of necessary medication for pain or discomfort it is not always available or accessible in the communities we serve. That is where TRE comes in. Once one is trained in TRE it is a free source of therapy that can be done anywhere and at any time. TRE is safe and treats the underlying problems that one might not even realise one has.

We hope to spread the practice of TRE into the communities we serve and we hope to see everyone reap the benefits of this amazing therapy. Should you be interested in learning more about TRE or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to make contact with the CHoiCe Trust office. Head to our Instagram page (choice_trust) for more pictures, videos and testimonials about TRE and the workshop.