Ms. Stuart-Thompson is the core of our organisation and we’re privileged to have such a dynamic director. Nikki started her career at CHoiCe Trust in 2010 and has navigated our organisation through the ups and downs with absolute professionalism. As with all staff members, Nikki has found a family in CHoiCe Trust- her colleagues are cheerful and happy despite their difficult work. As director, Ms. Stuart-Thompson receives feedback firsthand from beneficiaries and clients about the wonderful difference CHoiCe Trust is making and that’s just another motivating factor for Nikki to continue to devote her expertise and skills to CHoiCe Trust.



Anne has been part of the CHoiCe Trust family for 20 years and has been instrumental in holding the organisation together as the administrator. Anne’s role is exceptionally challenging as she has to prioritize tasks given to her by staff while still being responsible for all the assets in the office, but she excels none the less! Ms. Van Zyl is proud of the way CHoiCe Trust has navigated through the ups and downs and increasing challenges that face organisations such as ours.


Administration Assistant

Master is a superb admin assistant and has been awarded Best Most Improved Employee at CHoiCe Trust. Master has been with CHoiCe Trust since 2015 and has developed his skills in leaps and bounds! Master is dedicated to our cause, works exceptionally hard and has yet to miss a deadline. He adds such charisma to our office and his work ethic is admirable.


Operations Manager

Ms. Schutte is a great asset to CHoiCe Trust and her work over the past 20 years has help to pave the way for our organisation. Through our organisation, Antoinette is able to live her passion by helping those in need and improving their quality of life. The impact she has had on so many people makes her an unforgettable member in both CHoiCe Trust and in all the communities she’s served in. Antoinette has a talent for recognising the health needs in communities, especially with women who struggle to stand up for their rights. Ms. Schutte is instrumental in the functioning of CHoiCe Trust and her influence on the organization has steered us in the best direction possible! 


Human Resources Officer

During Patricia’s years at CHoiCe Trust, from 2013 to present, she’s found it to be an organisation with endless opportunities for growth and learning. Ms. Hlatshwayo has a diverse set of responsibilities within CHoiCe Trust as the HR Manager, but the dedication and team work from our staff make it easy for her to fulfil her role. She finds that her biggest challenges lie in working with set deadlines, but the CHoiCe Trust family provides all the support she needs to make it happen- every time! 


Finance and Administration Manager

Since 2014, Ms. Machaya has been holding down the fort in our financial department. Chipo happily takes on the challenges she faces in her job, including multi-tasking and priorotising spending. Seeing the impact that ChoiCe Trust has made in the communities and knowing she’s contributing to that is the most satisfying and rewarding feeling for Chipo and it’s her motivation to continue to dedicate herself to her work.


Senior Financial Assistant

Ms. Ramokgopa soaks up the warm and welcoming work environment that is provided by our organisation. Nomsa feels at home while working at ChoiCe Trust and takes pride in the fact that all staff is treated equally. Since the start of Nomsa’s career at ChoiCe Trust in 2010, she has added value to our organisation and the financial department in particular.



Ms. Shingange joined ChoiCe Trust at the start of 2019 and is learning the ropes very quickly! She has found the staff to be very helpful and patient in assisting her with finding her feet at our organisation. Tintswalo hopes to combat poverty in our communities and thus, feels ChoiCe Trust is the perfect fit for her with all the hard work we do for the poor.


Palliative Care Programme

Ms. Tiva, a CHoiCe Trust staff member since 1998, has helped tremendously in developing the Palliative Care Programme at CHoiCe Trust. She continues to dedicate herself to refining the Palliative Care Programme and implementing it in communities where it’s needed most. Jamela has dedicated her time to improving the quality of life for the elderly and her work has created a notable ripple effect throughout the communities she has served. Jamela has countless success stories thanks to her hard work and she is an asset to CHoiCe Trust.


Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Coordinator

Ms. Mdaka has made a phenomenal impact in children’s lives since joining the ChoiCe Trust team in 2013. Grace works with many children whose rights are continuously violated- despite our on-going efforts to educate everyone and reinforce children’s rights it is still a reality. Grace assists children in all areas from obtaining correct identification documents, to school work, to health issues to emotional support. Working with children is Grace’s passion and she feels incredibly proud to be involved in making children happy and healthy. Our organisation is lucky to have Grace!


Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Facilitator

Maria started at CHoiCe in 2008 as a contract worker and has since become a permanent staff member of our OVC Programme.  Ms. Kgatla has too face many challenges as an OVC Facilitator, as one can imagine, but knowing that she is helping children, giving them hope and improving their well-being is all she needs to face the obstacles thrown her way. What a difference Maria is making for the future generations of our country. 



Lutendo’s best memories at ChoiCe Trust, since joining in 2008, involve conducting Community Dialogues as she’s learned so much from each community and can see that her work has made an impact and what could be more rewarding than that! In her 11 years at CHoiCe Trust, Lutendo has managed to always meet her targets and complete her projects through her sheer passion and commitment to her job and our organisation in general. 


Orphaned and Vulnerable Children/VS&L Facilitator

Ms. Rammalo primarily works out in the field and experiences first-hand the impact CHoiCe Trust is making. Her proudest moments are experiencing the victories made by her recruitments through the training she gives.  Mmakoma understands the struggles that our communities face on a daily basis and since 2005, when she joined our team she’s been working hard to make a difference in each and every one she encounters. 


Social Auxiliary Worker

In the past three years Gayle has committed herself to ChoiCe Trust as a huge helping hand to our Social Workers. Some of Gayle’s best memories thus far, while being a ChoiCe Trust employee, are her ability to rely on her co-workers for support. Ms. Shikwambana, much like all our staff, has found a family in our organisation. Through Gayle’s hard work and dedication we’ve found an irreplaceable member of our team!


Data Clerk

Fortunate has been a loyal employee of CHoiCe Trust since 2015. She thrives in the working environment provided by CHoiCe Trust and its’ staff and feels as though every work day is the best day because of it. Fortunate finds the challenges of her job are made easier by her supportive and professional colleagues who she can rely on for anything and everything. Her fantastic attitude and enthusiasm is an asset to CHoiCe Trust.


Data Capturer

As with most CHoiCe Trust staff, Zine revels in the warm, happy environment of the office.  The support system provided by her colleagues is irreplaceable and helps her work under pressure to meet her deadlines. Ms. Taswa’s positivity in the office is contagious and she has already had a positive impact in her short few months as a CHoiCe Trust employee.



Data Capturer

Ms. Makwala has found CHoiCe Trust to be a loving, friendly and open workplace since joining us in 2017. One of Sindile’s goals is to combat poverty and by working at CHoiCe Trust she feels she’s helping her cause one step at a time. Sindile has contributed to CHoiCe Trust in more than just her work- her attitude and sweet disposition has made our office an even brighter place!


Data Capturer

Mr. Baloyi adds enthusiasm to ChoiCe Trust’s office team and has a talent for navigating his different communication styles when dealing with people. In the year that Terrence has been with ChoiCe Trust, his diligence and attention to detail has reflected in his work and he has become a much-loved member of the ChoiCe Trust family! 


Data Capturer

Olga has stayed loyal to ChoiCe Trust since 1999!  She has devoted her time to us partly because of the support system she has found in our organisation- we’re a family. Ms. Mahasha’s greatest hope for ChoiCe Trust is for us to increase the positive impact we’re making with combating the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Africa. Olga brings so much joy, laughter and kindness to ChoiCe Trust and we look forward to another 20 years of her wonderful service.


Project Officer

As a Project Officer, Mantsha spends most of her time in the field and experiences first-hand the poverty that our communities endure. She does however find motivation to work when she sees how eager the members of the communities are to learn and develop their skills. Through Mantsha’s work at CHoiCe Trust she hopes to empower our youth and every single day that she’s out in our communities she gets one step closer to achieving her goal.