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3 Reasons to Donate

The majority of our funding is from national and international funding programmes. However, there is a need for funding to fill in the gaps in our programmes where more formal funding is not available. These donations are incredibly important when families in need require more support than what was initially required. For example, assistance with wheelchairs, artificial limbs and additional medication.

1 . Kindness & Empowerment

“The heart that gives, gathers” – anonymous. There is a lot of fulfilment in giving to someone less fortunate than you. Some are cautious of donating because they do not want hand outs to exacerbate the poverty cycle. But CHoiCe Trust and many national and international NGO’s are focused on empowering communities and community members to support themselves.

2 . Limpopo needs support

Limpopo is the second poorest province in the country. Our rural areas are incredibly far from towns and medical care and our social and care workers drive far to visit families that would not necessarily be able to visit the hospital or clinic. As government facilities are at capacity, your donations goes a long way in supporting our care workers to give community members that extra help and love.

3 . Tax benefits

Although it sometimes feels that this shouldn’t be a reason – it is a financially smart reason for us all! The sum that you donate is exempted from your total taxable income therefore lowering the total income tax you need to pay. Doing good can benefit your household too.

Donations are made through PayFast which is a safe and secure online payment system. Simply put your details into the payment gateway and your donation goes directly into CHoiCe Trust official bank account. Please leave your name as a reference so that we can contact you to thank you

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