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The general objective of the training and development programme is to facilitate and present quality training by experienced trainers to selected participants from a cross-section of local rural communities.  Through the provision of excellent well-being training and accredited courses, the aim is to influence positive health changes which lead to improved quality of life in rural communities.  Formal training courses are offered in the CHoiCe Trust headquarters as well as other facilities- this includes in-service training which takes place on-site and home-based training. Accredited training provided by CHoiCe Trust include Level 1 and Level 2 for Ancillary Health Care.  Also, through our partnership with St. John Ambulance and the courses and services designed by them, CHoiCe Trust is able to expand its training and services.  Non-Accredited training provided by CHoiCe Trust include: ·   Health trainings (including HIV, TB, STIs, NCDs) ·   Food Garden training ·   Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) training ·   Stigma and Discrimination training ·   Journey of Life training ·   Voluntary Savings and Loans training ·   Let’s Talk training ·   Vhutshilo training ·  Organisational Development training (including fundraising, financial management, human resources and strategic planning). Mentoring has also been added to the services supplied by CHoiCe Trust after local Community Based Organisations expressed the need for a deeper, continued support following training.  Government representatives and donors encouraged the shift towards a more intense learning experience by CHoiCe Trust.  This programme has garnered positive results, making it clear that intensive and deeper involvement with a CBO’s lead to more sustainable results.